About Leslie

Hey there!

I am Leslie. I am a mom to a beautiful baby girl and the wife to the biggest Oregon Duck football fan you'll ever meet! I love food and I love cooking! It's the one time I get some real me time. Nobody likes to interrupt a mama in her kitchen! I discovered my love for cooking just over a year ago when I graduated from college and I actually had time to cook decent meals! And thus my love for cooking began.

I minored in Nutrition in college, so it is important to me to provide nutritious meals for my family. I love finding healthier and just as delicious alternatives to my favorite foods! Although, I definitely believe in treating yourself occasionally! My husband and I can be really somewhat picky when it comes to the kind of meat we eat {it's a texture thing}. Let's just say we eat a lot of chicken around here! So I'll be posting lots of chicken recipes!

I hope you enjoy Husband Approved Food and can find something your picky husband approves of too!