About Mallory

Hello, and welcome!
I'm Mallory. I'm a mom to an active, constantly hungry, toddler boy. A wife to a sports and food enthusiast.  I love baking more than cooking a meal, which in turn I've learned to enjoy running. I ran my first 8k race in November 2010. I originally wanted to be a dietitian, but chemistry and I don't get along. I took a few nutrition classes in college and loved them. I'm constantly looking for new recipes to try and luckily my husband loves me enough to let me alter his food. We've had to make some compromises, but we are getting to a happy median. Since being married we've lived in Utah, Illinois, Virginia and Connecticut. My husband is currently pursuing a MBA, with one year down and one more to go. Currently we are in Virginia and are fortunate enough to have one of the best farmers market I've ever been to. Fresh, local food is an abundance. My view is organic isn't always better, but you should strive for local. It's a personal choice in what you eat, but you should educate yourself. I think whole, fresh food is better. We rarely eat out. I prefer butter over margarine. I think baking with white flour is the best for taste. You don't need to fall into the trap of weird, uncommon food just because someone says it is better. Food should be enjoyed. If you eat the things you like that are whole foods you are going in the right direction.