About Us

Hi! We are Leslie and Mallory. We've been best friends since sophomore year of high school due to a common distaste for running, ironically we are both becoming runners. After graduation we went to opposite sides of the state for college and then Mallory got married and moved to the Midwest. Then she moved even further east. So even though we are almost on the opposite side of the country and it's been a few years since that day in gym we are still best friends. And now we share a common interest in cooking and eating, and more recently eating healthy.
We both watched Food, Inc. and our views on food completely changed. Eating fresh and unprocessed food is our goal. We both like the idea of the blog "100 days of real food," however, both of our husbands are in school and the budget is tight and we have more realistic ideas of what our family will eat. Eating all fresh and organic isn't always an option. Being healthy isn't just in the food you eat, it's in the way you treat your body. We are here to help you cut out processed foods and turn to fresh foods, but it's also okay to buy a freezer meal every once in a while, or get ice cream. It's our goal to find recipes that fit three goals; mostly fresh, inexpensive, and husband approved.